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Come and Discover our Family Experience Day at the Labyrinth!

Welcome to the CIRCUS!

Immerse yourself in a captivating family experience in our amazing corn maze in Durbuy!

In the little village in the Ardennes, Yuki dreams of a life of circus, adventure and magic...

The famous Roulutto family, renowned for their breathtaking shows that have enchanted audiences for generations, is going through a rough patch. The magic seems to have disappeared, giving way to a dull atmosphere.

But the arrival of Yuki, a child with a passion for the circus, will change everything.

Follow Yuki’s path and let yourself be transported by the magical world of Circus Roulutto. Meet talented artists, watch breathtaking acts and enjoy unforgettable moments with family and friends.

Your journey through Yuki's story

Enter our circus-themed labyrinth

But who is Yuki, and where is he? All the artists are talking about him, but no one wants to reveal where he is.

Join the search for Yuki, using a map and various clues in the labyrinth.


Immerse yourself in the Roulutto circus shows

Along the way, meet the 5 members of the Roulutto family and help them bring their circus back to life!

Along the way, you’ll be dazzled by the incredible performances of a circus that is gradually regaining its colors.

Savor the enchantment and experience the magic of the circus

At the end, meet Yuki and play, practice, have fun together with circus props under a real circus tent with bleachers. Are you ready for a real circus adventure?

Enjoy a unique moment with your family, and continue to
savor the magic at Circus Summer Bar, where you can dine in a… spectacular atmosphere!

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Join Yuki on her circus adventure!

Eat at Circus Summer Bar

Our Play Zone welcomes you from 11:30am to 10pm, in a cheerful atmosphere full of laughter and fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can enjoy a drink or a meal at our Summer bar – restaurant.

No, to avoid disturbing the shows, dogs are not allowed.

There is a total of 9 km of paths, but if you find your way well, you will walk about 4 km.

During your visit to the maze, you will first and foremost enjoy a beautiful walk in a natural setting. An additional challenge is to find your way through the maze with your family members. To make this activity completely unique, we have organized 5 zones where we perform live theater. These performances are continuous. If you arrive and the story has already started, you can wait (a maximum of 5 minutes between performances) until the next show.

In addition to these performances, there is an extra task for the children in the form of a treasure hunt to find various elements hidden in the maze. If they complete this quest successfully, they will find the solution to the puzzle.

After this adventure, you can relax in our Summer Bar, where there is a playground and an initiation zone with many circus items and a circus animator.

The day concept is more aimed at families with children of all ages. In the evening, families are also welcome, but it might be better to come with children aged 10 and up. During the evening game, we talk about a circus murder, and we obviously don’t want to scare the children. Setting an age limit is difficult; we think it is best to discuss this with your family.